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Honouring loved ones at your wedding ceremony

There are lots of lovely ways to include loved ones who are no longer with us. A period of reflection early on in the ceremony where I will say a few words of remembrance. You may choose to have a candle or a series of candles and light them at this time. The candles will remain lit and burn brightly throughout the ceremony just as all those who cannot be with us will burn brightly in our hearts today and every day.

Other ways include:

  • saving an empty seat - you could place a single rose and a sign or have a teddy made from an item of their clothing and place it on the chair

  • have a memory table with photos or memorabilia

  • a display stand that can be moved from ceremony room to reception

  • photo pendants on bouquet

  • cufflinks or button holes with photo

  • include a reading that was special to them taken from a book or a film they liked

  • incorporate a saying they were known for into the ceremony script

  • wear a piece of jewellery that belonged to them

  • have little miniature wooden chairs with their names on them and a sign saying 'we will be in heaven when you say I do, so we will come down to earth to be there with you, so save us a seat, and empty chair, no one will see us but you will know we are there'

  • use their tie or scarf as a handfasting ribbon or have a handfasting ribbon made from an item of their clothing

  • create a little family tree with pictures of family members that are no longer with us on earths plane

  • name an item on the menu at the wedding meal after them

  • name a table after them

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