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Are you ready to tie the knot?

CELTIC HANDFASTING. (Tying the knot) An ancient Celtic/Medieval custom, especially common in Scotland and Ireland, in which a couple come together to declare of their own free will that they intended to marry. It’s become popular in modern day ceremonies due to the ‘tying the knot’ symbolism and because it was shown on Game of Thrones. While facing each other, the couple will join hands while a cloth is tied around their hands in a knot. Although there are countless variations of the Handfasting Ceremony, the symbolic act typically involves fastening a couples hands together with cording, ribbon, twine, or silk sash while the celebrant reads a series vows (and prayers if wished) as the cords are wrapped around the couples hands. Usually the celebrant ties the cord but family members could do it. You may want to have your parents or children add different coloured ribbons or cord and say why they chose that colour. I will explain the meaning behind the different colours when we meet. Alternatively you may prefer to simply choose colours/tartan special to you both.

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