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How to honour a decased loved one on your wedding day.

While weddings are a joyous occasion, it difficult to fully celebrate in the absence of a loved one. There are many symbolic ways you can include a deceased loved one on your special day so that they can be with you in spirit. There are no right or wrong ways but whatever you do will be right for you. You could consider adding a photo charm to your bouquet or wear a piece of their jewellery or their favourite scent. You could light a candle for them and/or have a photograph of them on the ceremony table. If you are incorporating handfasting in your ceremony you could chose a ribbon in their favourite colour or use a scarf or tie belonging to the deceased or have a ribbon made from material from an item of their clothing. You could reserve a seat for them, place a photo on the seat or devote a favour to them on all the tables explaining the meaning behind this in the wedding speech or include a note to explain the token.

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