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The Gift of 13 coins

Whether pinned to an apron or sealed in a bag, there’s no mistaking the importance of monetary wedding offerings to various cultures.

In Spain, it’s customary for the groom to present his bride with a bag containing thirteen gold coins on the eve of their wedding. The 13 coins represent Christ and his 12 Apostles. The bride must then carry her bag of gold coins during the ceremony. Some couples follow the older Roman custom of presenting one another with coins during the wedding ceremony; the bride a bag of silver, and the groom a bag of gold as a pledge of commitment and support to his bride.

The "13 Coins" is also of Peruvian origin. The story goes that a poor young man loved and wished to marry a wealthy girl. Her father asked what he had to offer for his daughter's hand in marriage. The young man reached into his pocket. He had only 13 coins, but assured the father he could pledge undying love, care and concern. The father was so touched, he gave his daughter's hand and "13 Coins" has come to symbolize unyielding love, care and concern

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